Why Sell Your House? Five Compelling Reasons

Why Sell Your House? Five Compelling Reasons

Why Sell Your House?

To sell or not to sell – that is the question. If this thought has been floating around in your mind, what has been stopping you from taking the plunge? Perhaps you are unsure about whether you would make a profit, or when you should put your house on the market, or where you would move to. But selliwhy-sell-your-houseng your home also takes time and effort, which can make some folks hesitant. But if selling your home keeps fluttering around your head, here are five great reasons why the time is now to sell your house:

1. You have built up equity.

You make your mortgage payments. Most of that goes to paying down interest, and some of that goes towards the principal. If you have paid enough on your principal, and your home has kept its value, then you have equity in your home. This means that when you buy a new home, you may be approved for a bigger mortgage, which means comfort and luxury. Or, if you are downsizing, it may mean that you will have a smaller mortgage and no pesky private mortgage insurance to pay. Either way, when you think about answering why sell your house, it becomes a win-win.

2. Your home is no longer quite right for you

Too big, too small, too busy, too quiet. Maybe you want another bedroom, a master bathroom, or a double garage. Whatever your reasons, maybe your house doesn’t quite suit you anymore. And that’s OK. You can easily get pre-approved for a new mortgage – if you need one – and get great rates too with Shamrock Financial. Getting the right house at every phase of life will create contentment. You just have to do it!

3. You can afford to move!

A change in geographic location, the quartz counter tops, the outdoor hot tub – it’s easy to get carried away with the new. But don’t get too carried away by the excitement of your next home; you have to pay for it too! Do you know how much buying a home costs? You need to think about appraisal costs, closing costs, moving costs, and even the price of fixing up your home to sell. Are you ready financially to buy another place? If you are not sure, a licensed Real Estate Agent can help. They can show you how much your current house is worth, how much equity you have, what moving costs are, and what your profit can be. Knowing the numbers can provide the peace of mind to know that this move is the right one for you.

4. Potential homebuyers – they are out there!

Why sell your house? Because there are home buyers out there looking for what you have to offer! How can you find these buyers? Ask a trusted mortgage lender, such as Shamrock Financial. They have access to people who are hoping to be pre-approved, who want to buy a home. If you list your home where buyers abound, the opportunity for success is tremendous.

If you do decide to list your home, chances are there are other sellers who want the same thing as you. Make sure you create a home that has curb appeal, and rises above the competition on the inside. Also remember that your geographic location can affect how much your house has appreciated – or depreciated. Stable or up-and-coming areas will help you home increase in value, while more modest areas may see only modest growth. If you need advice or a comparative market analysis, ask a trusted real estate agent.

5. You can take your time to sell your house

If you need to sell your house immediately, because you need access to money or you need to relocate for work, you have less negotiating power. But if you have both the equity and the time, then selling your house can be to your advantage. For example, you have a better chance of getting the price you want, finding the next house that is right for you, and even asking for terms that you find are most agreeable. Ask your real estate agent about the average timeline for home sales in your area and the right price for your property.

Make the right choice

Selling your home isn’t a frivolous transaction – you need professionals to guide you through the entire process. That’s where Shamrock Financial rises above the rest. Why sell your house with just anyone? Our knowledgeable staff has the experience to help you finance a mortgage and advice to suggest the right real estate agent so that you can make the right move. Give us a call at 800-321-8129 and get started on a new future.


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