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March 21, 2018
nmls state licensing

What You Don’t Know About NMLS State Licensing Changes

There are a lot of Americans. Over 325 million, according to the United States Census. And every one needs a place to live. Some choose to rent while others aspire to the American Dream – home ownership. In fact, the home ownership rate in the US was just over 64%…
December 15, 2017

Why Loan Officers Are So Cool

What is a Loan Officer? Think about the people you know – how many of them own a home, condo, cottage, or some other type of property? Chances are, quite a few of them do! Now think – aside from using a real estate agent and making an offer on…
June 15, 2017
mortgage company

Are you working for the Right Mortgage Company?

When you are a loan officer, you want to recommend the best personal and business loans for your clients. Finding the right mortgage lender for your clients is not just about getting the best interest rate. You want to make sure that you work with experienced professionals who want more…
March 30, 2017
social media marketing

Social Media Marketing for Loan Officers: Measuring Effectiveness

The Impact of Social Media When you’re a loan officer, part of your work relies on creating, building, and maintaining relationships with clients and other professionals. And that means getting your message out there for all to read. For an all-encompassing marketing strategy, you probably rely on a variety of…