Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

successful real estate agent

successful real estate agentWhen it comes to buying and selling homes, you will meet up with a whole cast of characters. Think mortgage lenders like Shamrock Financial, home inspectors, the sellers, legal reps. And you cannot forget about the successful real estate agent! This person is the connection between you and the house that you hope to buy or sell.

But not all real estate agents are created equal. Perhaps you have heard family and friends complain that their agent isn’t doing enough, or is difficult to contact. Or maybe you have heard stories about the amazing work that an agent did to help someone complete their transaction. So how do you know if a real estate agent is worth it? How can you identify a successful real estate agent?

The business conducted research about the common characteristics of top performing real estate agents. With almost 9,000 agents being studied for six months, the research measured each person’s natural behavioral style and how that translated into strengths and weaknesses.

What was the result? Drum roll please! There are strong correlations with a successful real estate agent and the following characteristics:


1. They are economically driven

This trait shouldn’t be too surprising. In fact, this one had the strongest correlation between the agent and success, according to the research. Having the drive to make sales is a big motivation to succeed. But this trait isn’t just about showing homes – it also includes the agent’s desire to deal with details, sign on the dotted line, and verify a client’s satisfaction. This combination points to financial success.

2. They can connect easily with clients

Completing home transactions isn’t just about documents and homes. It’s about people and the connections that are made with them. That’s why, according to the study, success also requires the ability to connect and engage with people easily and efficiently. It doesn’t mean just talking about homes with clients either. It means developing genuine professional relationships with everyone involved in home sales. This includes the mortgage lender, the home inspector, and even any contractors. When people feel comfortable with you, your potential for success skyrockets.

3. They tend to be notably reliable and trustworthy

What else did the study find? They noted that successful real estate agents tend to be very reliable and trustworthy. These traits suggest that buyers and sellers are more likely to feel comfortable and secure with the agent and the services they receive. This can lead to a better professional relationship, which in turn can result in more sales and happier clients.

4. They have the knowledge

Having access to local listings is a given for a real estate agent. But a successful one just doesn’t go around showing any old home to clients. They need to know how to ask the right questions to understand what buyers want and where those homes are. For sellers, an agent must study the current trends, as well as appreciate the basics of architecture, home décor, property maintenance, and personal finance! This sounds like a lot, but that’s what it takes to rise above the rest. Knowledge in many areas is key to reaching and surpassing both professional and client goals.

5. Do the hustle!

Finally, being motivated, friendly, and knowledgeable are great, but that needs to be combined with another major trait – tenacity…also known as “the hustle.” That means actually getting out there, pursuing leads, following up on referrals, and proactively communicating with clients. It’s about putting in the time, but doing it  efficiently – and that’s key – to get the most out of that time.

Where can you find a successful real estate agent? Ask Shamrock Financial!

The question: where are these successful real estate agents? Ask your friends, family, and co-workers for their recommendations. And you should also ask Shamrock Financial for their recommendations about referral partners! Being in the mortgage business for decades, we know a thing or two about the whole home buying transaction, from contract to keys. That means we personally know those real estate agents who can help you find the right home. Give us a shout, and walk away a happy home owner.

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