Six Interesting Housewarming Gift Ideas

Six Interesting Housewarming Gift Ideas

When invited to someone’s house for a get together, it is customary for guests to bring a small hostess gift as a sign of appreciation and thanks. When the reason for the gathering is a specific celebration, then you might bring something a little larger.

If you are celebrating a housewarming, knowing what to get the happy owner can be a difficult task. The hosts may already have the basics of what they need to live in their new home, and after unpacking boxes, the last thing may want is more stuff. So what do you do? Below are some great housewarming gift ideas to help celebrate a new home:housewarming-resized

  1. Traditional gift 1: Simple and classic: you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. If this seems too predictable, then add the personal touch. For example, a beautiful wine bag can add charm and be reusable. You can purchase a vintage bottle to be consumed at a later, special date by the hosts, or select a bottle that needs to be aged – opening that bottle will become its own occasion. If your hosts do not like wine, consider hand crafted beers from a micro-brewery or specialty scotch or whiskey.
  2. Traditional gift 2: What’s wrong with a perfectly good plant? Again, this option can seem uncreative. But it won’t be if you put your own twist on it. You can try fresh herbs, such as basil or rosemary, in fun pots; the fragrance is beautiful and the leaves can also be used in cooking. If you want to provide less clutter, bring a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers in their own vase – this requires no maintenance and can be composted when needed.
  3. Homemade food: If you prefer the personal touch when it comes to housewarming gift ideas and you are a good cook, consider making food for your hosts. You can create a casserole, main course, or side dishes for freezing, meaning that your hosts can have a home cooked meal on a day when they don’t feel like cooking. Make sure you know their tastes and be aware of allergies.
  4. First aid kit: If you like to be prepared for anything, then maybe you would like to give the gift of safety – a first aid kit. Everyone knows the struggles of trying to find antiseptic, band aids, or gauze, especially after moving in. A first aid kit has the basics all in one spot that can be stored easily under the kitchen sink. Quick and compact!
  5. Artisan pottery: If you are the kind of person who likes to give a physical gift, handmade pottery can be just the ticket. Interesting coffee mugs, bowls for side dishes or snacks, or even a vase offer both decorative beauty while still providing function.
  6. Gift card: Some people are happy with any gift, while others have specific ideas of what they want in their home. If you have an idea of what the hosts like but do not want to saddle them with yet another item, consider a gift card to a one-of-a-kind store. It creates an interesting shopping experience, and to make it even more personal, go with them for fun and laughs.

Knowing what gift to give is not always an easy task, especially with different tastes. The housewarming gift ideas above can help you find the right gift for your hosts that they will love, yet won’t break your budget.

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