Rod Correia

Rod's Journey

My career started in professional baseball and transitioned into my journey at Shamrock. Starting off as a Loan Officer gave me great insight as I climbed the ranks going from Vice President overseeing the Loan Origination staff to Senior Vice President and finally President in 2006.

“What will make you laugh will make you cry.”

Three things Rod is proud of...

Getting My Degree

Finishing Bachelor of Arts during the off-season while playing professional baseball.

Hall of Fame

Becoming a UMASS Dartmouth Athletics Hall of Fame Member.

My Career

Converted Shamrock to a Hedging platform in 2000.

Some of Rod's favorite things include spending time on Cape Cod with his family, his dogs and helping people improve.

A Typical Day in the Life of Rod Correia

I’m up early and have quiet, productive, time before the sun rises (2 hours)

Will drop kids off at school most days (1 hour)


Issues resolution (3 hours)

Opportunities (2 hours)

Oversight of Operations (3 hours)

Dinner with family (1 hour)

Plugged in again at night (1 hour)

Some of Rod's Favorite Charities Include