RI Housing: No More Income Limits

RI Housing: No More Income Limits

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Looking for a Home? Check Out the RI Housing Program Offered by Shamrock Financial

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When buying a home, especially your first one, you need to know exactly what is involved. Rhode Island Housing and Shamrock Financial are there to help you along the way. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the programs so that you can find the one that is right for you.

What We Can Offer

Shamrock Financial’s RI Housing Program has your needs in mind. Just take a look at the more common programs, such as:

  • FirstHomes100: This is perfect for those Rhode Islanders wanting to purchase their very first home with no money down.
  • FirstHomes100+: Found a home that needs some repairs? This program is for you.
  • FirstHomes tax credit: Certain eligible first time home buyers may be eligible to save up to $2,000 each year for the length of your mortgage.

Remember that these are simply a few of the programs available for your home purchase. For details about these and other exciting offerings, contact an approved lender such as Shamrock Financial.

Making Home Ownership Easier Than Ever

These programs sound like some great opportunities! But that’s not all. RI Housing strives to ensure that each and every client is successful when buying homes. That is why they review their guidelines and make changes – to your benefit!

The most current exciting update affects income limits. RI Housing previously had a limit as to the maximum amount of income – approximately $100,000 – a household could earn while still being eligible for their fantastic programs. No more. In fact, RI Housing has removed their income maximum requirements completely! Now all Rhode Island residents have the opportunity to take advantage of great programs regardless of the income related to work they do or the job they hold. And that means more people have the chance to access home ownership, build equity, and achieve financial stability. A financially stronger population means a financially stronger Rhode Island, which is great for everyone.

Keep in mind that, to be eligible for this income update, you need to be a first time home buyer within the previous three years, plus you may need to meet other requirements. Ask Shamrock Financial about these factors.

Shamrock Financial and Rhode Island Housing – A Perfect Pairing

If you think that you want to take advantage of any of the programs of RI Housing, you need to come in and talk with a participating lender like Shamrock Financial. We have extensive and current knowledge about their programs, eligibility requirements, and interest rates, plus we can structure the best loan for your specific needs. Home ownership may be just around the corner, and Shamrock will be with you every step of the way.

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