Real Estate Postcards – A Little Can Do a Whole Lot

Real Estate Postcards – A Little Can Do a Whole Lot

Image Credit: iStockPhoto

Image Credit: iStockPhoto

The location, the prices, the market, the trends. If you have any hope of becoming a rock star real estate agent, you need specific and current knowledge about these topics, and more. But then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do clients know whom you are?
  • Do they know what you have to offer?
  • Why would clients return to use your services?
  • Would past clients recommend you to new ones?

Having all of the knowledge in the world won’t do you any good if no one knows of your existence in the real estate world. And that means that, in addition to knowing about the location, the prices, the market, and the trends, you also need to know how to market yourself. Though it may sound odd, marketing yourself is all about your relationships, especially with clients.

Your clients are everything – they’re how you make sales, get referrals, stay in business. But you cannot see them merely as a means to a paycheck. You need to see your clients as people, as relationships, that you need to seek out, cultivate, and then maintain if you want to be at the top of your game. How do you do that? No need for secrets, just some simple and straightforward strategies – like real estate postcards – that you can implement over the long-term is all you need.

What is on your real estate postcards? You can include:

  1. Get the word out: To get noticed, you need to be noticeable. And that means advertising your services. While billboards and bus benches are good, they are also pricey, especially for someone starting out. Start small and start easy by getting yourself on multiple forms of legitimate online social media platforms. Make regular updates with useful information. Don’t restrict yourself to listings either. For example, talk about tips for moving, how to save for a down payment, or what happens during the mortgage process. You need get people interested in what you have to say and then keep them coming back.
  2. Find their bottom line: When it comes time for home shopping, buyers naturally get excited. But they can get too easily swept up in the emotions that follow along. While a motivated buyer is certainly good for your bottom line, it may not be as good for theirs. Therefore, helping your clients find their magic price range – what they truly can afford – will instill a sense of confidence in your reputation and character, which will spill over into a strong client relationship, and potential referrals.
  3. Forge professional relationships: As a real estate agent, you don’t work solely with clients. You will meet home appraisers, mortgage lenders, contractors, landscapers, movers, lawyers, and more. By forging strong relationships with these professionals, you have the potential of cementing your reputation as a trusted source for housing, plus you get the added benefit of maximizing your reach, which will spur on more referrals. Opportunity exists everywhere!
  4. Be available: Getting your name out as a real estate professional is only a start. You need to prove yourself to clients and other professionals you deal with. Above all, this means being available – within reason. You need to respond professionally to requests, emails, phone calls, and texts as promptly as you can. This creates the sense that you care about each and every client, and that you are willing to take the time to respond. But remember a few guidelines. Make sure you respond to the actual request, rather than simply sending out an unrelated, and therefore unwanted, thought. Next, if the information your client needs isn’t available yet, let them know that too! Also, on your real estate postcards, make sure you respond at an appropriate time – that means no texting while driving or interrupting a face-to-face client in favor of a digital one. Finally, protect your personal time too – you need time to recharge.

Getting your feet wet in the real estate market is more than just passing your exam. You need to be able to find clients and get referrals to be able to grow your business. And that doesn’t have to cost big bucks. The basic strategies above don’t need much financial investment at all, but if you use them properly and be patient, you will eventually start to reap the rewards. What will you put on your real estate postcards?

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