How to Stand Out and Say Thank You with Corporate Gifts

How to Stand Out and Say Thank You with Corporate Gifts

With the holiday season fast approaching, many businesses start to plan the corporate gifts that they will send to current clients, prospective clients, and suppliers. Not only is it a thoughtful way to thank them for their business, but it is a great marketing strategy to keep your business close at hand. Depending on the size of your business, the number of recipients, and allotted budget, corporate gifts can be any size, product, and

Many businesses prefer to give traditional gifts, such as gift baskets or holiday plants, at the holidays. While they are well received and appreciated, gift baskets are also very common, and can get lost among all the other gift baskets. If you know that your clients do enjoy such a gift, make sure that your corporate name and logo are easily and tastefully visible so that your clients can recall who gave that specific basket but without being overwhelmed with your corporate marketing.

If looking for something more affordable, you have many other options. For example, you can imprint your logo on items such as pens, stainless steel mugs, reusable cloth bags, or T shirts. Not only are these items practical, and therefore will get more usage from your clients, you can also tout their environmentally friendly advantages. Even better, those who are not currently your clients will see your name, thus providing secondary marketing to access an even bigger market. Did you know that the average promotional item is kept for 5 or more months?!

Sometimes technology can put your business ahead of the curve. A USB memory drive, imprinted with your company name, can be both unique yet informative when it contains industry-relevant eBooks, information sheets, available properties, and corporate articles.

Corporate gifts don’t have to have any initials costs at all. By offering incentives to your clients, such as free items and services, reduced prices, or by offering customers a choice of items when a certain value or service has been reached, you can encourage clients to give return business while attracting new clients to try your services.

Timing is also a factor in giving corporate gifts. With the deluge of corporate gifts that appear around the holidays, how do you make yours memorable? Giving your gift a little earlier than other businesses, or even around Thanksgiving, can keep your business in the forefront.

As a business owner, it is important to remember that your clients and vendors drive your business. Therefore, business advantages are a must, especially in the form of corporate gifts around the holidays. Based on the availability and versatility of such gifts, they are sure to be an eventual investment rather than purely an expense.

Giving corporate gifts is a powerful way to create and build strong and long lasting client relationships. By offering gifts to clients and vendors who use your business, you can demonstrate your appreciation to those people that your business relies on.

Guest blog post written by Stan Roberts, S Roberts Specialty & Co.

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