How a Core Values List Can Help You Succeed

How a Core Values List Can Help You Succeed

What are Core Values?

At the base of every person or business is their core values. These are the fundamental principles and beliefs that guide their words, actions, and behavior. Not only do these values shape their relationships – both professional and personal – but identifies to everyone the meaning they place in all areas of their life.

Because their work requires interacting with members of the public and other business professionals every day, core values are especially important for real estate agents and mortgage professionals. Their reputation can make the difference between receiving referrals and attracting new business, and becoming

Although everyone has their own core values list that are particularly important to them, below are five attributes that can help define your success:


It is the expectation that anyone in the mortgage industry will have the basic qualifications to perform their main duties. But competence is more than just having a piece of paper. It indicates that you aim to excel in every task that you need to perform, while working to achieve and maintain a high standard in every facet.

This item in your core values list means keeping current with industry standards and regulations, obtaining required periodic certifications, acquiring knowledge about local matters, learning about social media trends, adhering to ethics, as well as paying attention to detail and setting appropriate expectations.

While it does stem from education, competence is also achieved through experience and continual learning.


Trust is the building block for collaboration and is essential for successful team work. Being trustworthy means that you are willing to be accountable for your words, actions, and commitments. Clients, co-workers, and partners all know that if you are trustworthy, you will do what you can to follow through.

This item in your core values list allows you to engage with others and understand the nature of your relationship to a fruitful end. It also helps to increase morale, knowing that there is mutual respect and follow-through. It also implies a relaxed, workable situation where different ideas can be shared with discussion but without criticism.


When you perform your responsibilities in the best way possible in the shortest time possible and with minimal waste, then you probably espouse the value of efficiency. It isn’t just about doing tasks quickly; it is also about doing them well and properly. No one likes a convoluted path from A to B; simplicity matters. From clients’ perspective, your efficiency demonstrates that you are careful and skilled – thereby also demonstrating your competency and promoting trust.

Being efficient will also encourage collaboration among other like-minded business professionals which will help you attract new clients, and frees up valuable resources that you can use in other areas.


When you hear the word communication, your first thought may be speaking. But speaking in and of itself is not communicating. Communicating involves multiple components: asking questions, active listening, understanding feedback, and yes, some speaking too. But together, these components create a better, stronger relationship that is based on mutual understanding both of the situation and the person.

Communication also necessitates promptness, being proactive instead of always reacting, and professionalism no matter the medium or subject.


Whom would you rather deal with: someone who seems rushed or always having a bad day, or someone who greets you with a sincere smile and is happy to help? Presumably, you prefer the latter, and that person likely subscribes to the core value of positivity.

Positivity isn’t about looking happy or agreeing to everything. Rather, it is having the energy, enthusiasm, and sincerity to complete your work and nurture relationships. You can be supportive without necessarily agreeing. You understand that the need to work together and strong leadership is not mutually exclusive, but in fact, complement each other very well.

Positive people also have bad days, but they have learned how to minimize the bad “stuff” from themselves so that they can work with clients and foster better relationships overall. Being positive is a highly constructive state, and most importantly, it takes time to understand and cultivate.

A Last Thought

Many businesses and individuals publish their core values list on their web sites. However, the best way to recognize the values that they embrace is through their actions. Take time to think about your core values list, how you can encourage them to be the best you can be.

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