House Hunting: Women Versus Men

House Hunting: Women Versus Men

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Home buying in the current age is more than just about the price. Sure, the price is certainly a factor, considering the trend of larger, and therefore, more costly, homes. But price, by far, isn’t the only factor that influences house hunting. Think location, surrounding amenities, and features of the home itself, just to name a few. And guess what happens when you have a couple searching for new digs? You could get twice as many factors guiding that decision – or worse, conflicting factors!

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While you can’t always say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, when it comes to buying a home, there are some differences that do tend to fall along gender lines. Since the 1970s, when they entered the workforce in droves, women have increasingly enjoyed the financial power and influence that used to land mostly in the laps of men. And what women want in a home can be different, or be for different reasons, than their male partners. So what are these house hunting differences in women and men? Here are the top points:

Daily Life

Because they still tend to deal with more daily household tasks, women tend to look at a home’s layout, usage of space, and its look and feel, such as an open layout, playrooms for the kids, and walk-in closets. They will more likely envision how they and their family will fit into and use the available space.

For men, they will also look at layout, but perhaps more about the space they themselves will use. This can include basements, garages, an office, and workshop areas. Also, they may look more at numbers – meaning the ease of affording and paying that monthly payment.

A Good Investment

More than ever before, house hunting and home ownership has a huge appeal for women. In addition to wanting a home that makes daily life enjoyable, they also look for a good price and a good investment. This makes a home purchase a good combination of balancing emotional wants with financial needs. This entry of more women into home ownership means that partnered women have more say about buying a home than ever before.

For their part, men are learning to engage their partners more in home buying discussions so that both people get some of what they want.


With fewer people knowing their neighbors, and both men and women out of the house for long hours, safety is definitely an issue. But it does show itself differently for men and women. Men want to make sure that their hard-earned possessions, such as their specialty cars, electronics, and other items, are secured. This can mean secured garages, alarm system, and windows.

For women, they want to make sure that they and their family are safe. This can mean a well-lit home and area, greater home visibility, and quick access to the home.

Social Sphere

How do you spend your time when not working? Although each person is different, there are some overall trends with men and women too. After the workday, men tend to prefer to sit back and relax in the comfort of their own home. And why not?

On the other hand, women may like to get out and socialize more. This can mean access to friends and family, chatting with neighbors, or going for walks. This means a home that is safe for walking, has reasonable access to green space, and is convenient to certain amenities.


Everyone wants a great location of a home within the community, but – you guessed it – what men want to access tends to be different from what women want to access. Understandably, men tend to like quick and convenient access to their workplace. Women want that too, but they also like decent access to schools, parks, friends and family, and grocery stores.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Obviously, these points are not set in stone, and may not apply for every couple, regardless of gender. However, they do give a good springboard for discussing what each person wants in a house – and why. Knowing the “why” can help each understand the other’s perspective, and possibly make it easier to find the right house for both people. If you want guidance in the house hunting process, Shamrock Financial is here for you. Singles, marrieds, and those just in the dreaming phase – we can assist you in finding the right house at the right price with the right mortgage product. Let’s get together and let’s get started!

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