The Facebook Market: How it’s Changing Real Estate

The Facebook Market: How it’s Changing Real Estate

Facebook Market Real Estate

The Evolving Face of Social Media

You may or may not be a fan, but there’s little doubt that you haven’t heard about it: Facebook. This is the social media platform where you can tell people what you are thinking, show pictures of your latest vacation, and “like” whatever your Facebook BFFs are doing. But that’s not all. It can be a way to promote your business, your product, or your services. So get ready for the next phase of the growing Facebook market: property listings.

In the age of the Internet, it’s super easy to browse through house listings. Trulia and Zillow are two of the big contenders at the moment. And now Facebook – whose technological reach is undeniable – is getting into the game.

Facebook Market Real Estate


Marketplace: The New Frontier in Home Sales

If you are a real estate agent or are friends with one, no doubt you have had listings in your feed. But the real estate fun is just getting started! Facebook is now letting individual homeowners list their homes for sale on a section of their site called Marketplace. Just like other online classifieds, this section lets people connect with others in their area to buy and sell items.

Did you know that, according to Facebook itself, the number of monthly active general users is more than a whopping 2.05 billion? And, also according to Facebook, the amount of people using Marketplace for searches has grown globally more than 300% since the start of 2017. Imagine all of the possibilities for your home with that type of range and influence. Given the number of Facebook users who already use the social media platform, the potential for finding a buyer or a seller has become that much easier.

What Marketplace Can Do for Real Estate Agents

The Facebook Marketplace is also for real estate agents. No more throwing your listings in your newsfeed and hoping to generate interest. You now actually have a dedicated area for them! Facebook has created a new tool, simply known as Dynamic Ads for Real Estate. Real estate brokers can use this tool for advertising their property listings on both Facebook and Instagram.

As expected, each listing will have a property description and other details. What’s really cool is that the listing can also have a link to your web site where you can show pictures, videos, and other relevant information. Not only does this encourage Facebook users to look at your specific listings, it encourages more traffic to your web site. More traffic increases lead generation, client-agent communication, and eventually, more sales.

Putting It All Together

What’s even more exciting about the new Facebook market is how you can leverage all of the available tools. In addition to Marketplace, you can still monitor activities, post articles, answer questions, create your own Facebook group or join an existing one. You can even establish yourself as an expert in a certain community or area. In short, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Facebook for real estate agents just got that much better.

And It is Just the Beginning

Clients can initially search for options such as location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether or not it is pet-friendly, and of course, the price. But this is just the start. The data collection capabilities of the social media giant are almost boundless. This means that user-driven updates will be available regularly. And because the new Facebook market feature is only in the introductory phase, just think of how simple, efficient, and customized the Facebook market will become!

Here’s Shamrock Financial to Complete the Transaction

Using Facebook Marketplace to find a home to buy or sell makes the process easier and faster. If your clients need financial advice about home buying, or just need a mortgage with great terms and rates, come in to Shamrock Financial. With decades of experience under our belt, we can help your clients with the ins and outs of the home buying process. Homeownership can be as easy as 1-2-3.

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