September 12, 2019

The Things NOT to Avoid in Refinancing Your Home

Well, those 5% mortgage interest rates didn’t make landfall as predicted for 2019.  Instead, the winds of change flew in the other direction with rates tumbling to under 4% (hat tip to interest rate meteorologist, Barry Habib of MBS Highway for predicting this), producing a mini-refi wave across the country.…
January 24, 2018
Two people about to shake hands across a pile of scattered papers

Say Goodbye! How to Get Rid of PMI

The Skinny of Private Mortgage Insurance Buying a home: you scrimp, you save, you sacrifice, and eventually, you get approved for a mortgage! And while there are many different costs associated with buying a home, some people may need to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on top of everything…
June 22, 2017
home equity

Accessing Home Equity by Refinancing

Does this scenario seem familiar? Every month, you pay money mostly towards interest, plus some towards the principal, until you have paid off your debt. If this sounds like a mortgage payment to you, then you’d be right. Even though, at the beginning of your mortgage, most of your hard-earned…
June 6, 2017
best mortgage lenders

Shamrock Financial – One of the Best Mortgage Lenders

Choosing One of the Best Mortgage Lenders If you have ever bought a home or are in the process of doing so, you know that you have a lot of boxes to check on your task list. You need to save up for that down payment, find the right real…
May 4, 2017
debt free

Want to Live Debt Free? Consider Refinancing

Debt Free, Schmebt Free? Living debt free is a life-long pursuit for many people. Having no debt frees up cash for other purchases, means paying no more interest, and removes the financial shackles of your creditors. Yet you could have a mortgage, a car loan, and multiple credit card loans…
May 2, 2017

What Your Credit Score Range Says About You

A Primer on Your Credit Score When you apply for a loan – mortgage, car, or credit card – the lender will want to take a peek at your financial information, and that includes your credit score. This magical number indicates the likelihood that you will be able to pay…
November 9, 2016

Are You Working with the Best Mortgage Company?

When someone is looking to buy or sell a home, they may start the transaction on their own, but in most cases, they will contact a real estate agent. A qualified agent will know how to price a home accordingly, find comparable listings, suggest ways to improve the curb appeal…
October 6, 2016

How Much Will I Save By Refinancing?

The Price of Refinancing When you want to take advantage of lower interest rates, change the type of mortgage you have, or access equity on your home, you may ask yourself, “How much will I save by refinancing?“. Refinancing involves getting a new loan, with different terms, to replace your…
October 4, 2016

The Best Ways for Refinancing a Home

Thinking about Refinancing? Whether it is saving money, paying off your mortgage earlier, or accessing equity, there are many reasons why you would want to refinance. Simply, refinancing is obtaining a new mortgage with new terms that will enhance your financial situation. If you understand how refinancing works and what…
September 30, 2016

Great Refinancing News: HARP Extended Until 2017

*Note: The HARP program was recently extended again to go until December 31st, 2018.*   Home ownership is a reality for quite a few Americans, but a dream for many others. To help that dream come true, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced that it will extend its…
September 27, 2016

Is Now a Good Time to Refinance?

When interest rates are lowered, when you want to change the type of or the duration of your mortgage, or access equity in your home, you may think about refinancing. Refinancing is the process of having your original mortgage paid off and then replaced with a new one with new,…
September 9, 2016

The Purpose of the Home Appraisal for Refinancing

Refinancing Your Home When interest rates are lower or you want to take advantage of more favorable mortgage terms, it may be time to refinance. But when you refinance, just about everything is dependent on the home appraisal. Why is this? It ensures that the mortgage lender does not lend…
August 18, 2016

How Refinancing Your Home Works

About Refinancing If you find that you are having problems making the payments on your mortgage, due to higher interest rates, the type of mortgage you have, or other personal financial issues, it may be time for you to consider refinancing. In a nutshell, refinancing is the process of getting…
July 20, 2016

Reverse Mortgage Solutions for Seniors

If you are a senior, or know one, who wants or needs to access to funds in retirement, you might think that getting a part-time job is your only option. It isn’t. If you have equity in a property, then consider reverse mortgage solutions to get a cash flow for…
July 14, 2016

Refinancing After Divorce – The Basics

Divorces can be an unfortunate part of life. There are many aspects that need to be addressed at this time and one of those is the division of the marital property. It is common for one of the spouses to want to keep the property, and that would involve a…