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February 11, 2019
Executive Vice President Bruce Weltin shows his assistant something on the computer.

Core Values: the Answer to a “Who” Question.

Every organization is committed to getting the “right people on the bus”. It’s the first chapter in Business for Dummies. But how do we know we have the right people on the bus? Put them there and see? Ask them? Try different bus stops in the morning? No, no and…
October 29, 2018
A woman and her infant does a load of laundry

Does the FHA Require Appliances in a Property for Their Mortgages?

Getting an FHA-backed Mortgage When you buy a property, chances are you need a mortgage. After all, who has that much cash laying around for such a large financial transaction? And in many cases, to buy that house, your mortgage may need to be backed by the Federal Housing Administration…
February 5, 2018
Scam alert on a keyboard

Wrong Ways to Get Your Credit Score for Mortgage Lenders

Don’t be fooled – ‘Free’ Credit Report Offers vs. Credit Score for Mortgage The word ‘free’ is always a word that catches the eye. It is very effective bait. Bait and switch that is when it comes to credit reports. Many (or most) are actually scams that will snag you with…
December 29, 2017
Save Money for your Future

Weird but Effective Ways to Save Money

SAVING MONEY FOR YOUR NEW HOME – EASIER THAN YOU MAY THINK Saving for a down payment for your first home can seem like an overwhelming project. With some savvy saving and creative budgeting, you may reach that goal sooner than you think. If you don’t have a budget and you…
December 7, 2017
successful real estate agent

Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

When it comes to buying and selling homes, you will meet up with a whole cast of characters. Think mortgage lenders like Shamrock Financial, home inspectors, the sellers, legal reps. And you cannot forget about the successful real estate agent! This person is the connection between you and the house…
October 19, 2017

Why Sell Your House? Five Compelling Reasons

Why Sell Your House? To sell or not to sell – that is the question. If this thought has been floating around in your mind, what has been stopping you from taking the plunge? Perhaps you are unsure about whether you would make a profit, or when you should put your…
August 3, 2017
What does a mortgage underwriter look for?

What Does a Mortgage Underwriter Look For?

Buying a home – you know the deal from your end. But there is much more to buying a home that just the budget and home search. Do you know what happens after you talk with a loan officer and provide the paperwork for your application? It falls into the…
July 6, 2017
how to get a home loan

Getting That Home Loan in Five Easy Steps

How to Get a Home Loan Unless you just won the lottery or inherited money from a long-lost relative, to buy your first home, you will need to get a home loan. Definition: Your mortgage is a loan that a mortgage lender gives to you to buy a home. That…
June 29, 2017
how long is a pre-approval good for

Mortgage Pre-approvals: They Don’t Last Forever

When it comes time to buy a home, you need to get your ducks in a row. That means doing several things. Having your down payment ready, knowing what you want in your home, and finding the right real estate agent. And don’t forget about that pre-approval! But how long…
May 2, 2017

What Your Credit Score Range Says About You

A Primer on Your Credit Score When you apply for a loan – mortgage, car, or credit card – the lender will want to take a peek at your financial information, and that includes your credit score. This magical number indicates the likelihood that you will be able to pay…
April 13, 2017
mortgage payment

Worried about a Mortgage Payment? No Way!

Your parents did it, your friends do it, and probably your boss too. It’s called having a mortgage! Because it is such a large financial transaction, most people need to have a mortgage payment to afford the purchase. So yes, it happens to many of us. Even though searching for a…
March 30, 2017
social media marketing

Social Media Marketing for Loan Officers: Measuring Effectiveness

The Impact of Social Media When you’re a loan officer, part of your work relies on creating, building, and maintaining relationships with clients and other professionals. And that means getting your message out there for all to read. For an all-encompassing marketing strategy, you probably rely on a variety of…
March 9, 2017
Household expenses

Are You Prepared for Unexpected Household Expenses?

Can You Afford a Home? Do you know how much house you can afford? Sure, you have plugged in some numbers into online calculators, and maybe you have been pre-approved for a mortgage. But is that enough? Not really. Here’s the deal. Mortgage lenders, such as Shamrock Financial, can help…
February 7, 2017
home buying tips featured image

Home Buying Tips That Will Motivate You

It’s a great time – you have realized that buying a home is in your future. That decision has many components to it, such as the budgeting and the saving and the applying for a mortgage. All these parts are necessary, but not really that fun. House hunting, however…that can…
December 19, 2014

Upcoming Change to VA Loan Limits

The veterans who have fought valiantly for the United States deserve to be recognized for their dedication, effort, and patriotism. As such, certain policies and programs have been put in place to thank the veterans for their contributions. One such program addresses the loan requirements when purchasing a home, known…