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Dean's Desk

A Lesson from Chris Sale

What Sale did is something we in business need to do when we face a slump, a drought or a shortage of offensive “inventory”, production or volume. We...

Home Buying

Does the FHA Require Appliances in a Property for Their Mortgages?

Do appliances need to be included when buying a home? See what the FHA guidelines are and how Shamrock...

First Time Home Buying

What is an Open House and What You Should Expect

Thinking about attending an open house or having one to sell your own home?...

First Time Home Buying

What Happens After an Offer is Accepted? - Part 4

Do you what happens after an offer is accepted on a house? Learn about the...

First Time Home Buying

Counter Offer Etiquette - Part 3

Knowing real estate counter offer etiquette can impact your transaction. Learn what to do here....

First Time Home Buying

What is reasonable to offer below asking price? - Part 2

Whether you pay over, under, or just at asking, you need a trusted mortgage lender to help you transition from home...

First Time Home Buying

Making an Offer on a House Tips-Part 1

Your insider's guide which includes the 411 on making an offer on a house tips and tricks....

First Time Home Buying

Give Your Home a Little Lovin’ with a 203K Loan

The beauty of a 203K loan is that you no longer have to compete in The Bidding Wars! Craft your very own dream home...

First Time Home Buying

6 Tips for Overcoming Real Estate Offer Rejection

Tired of getting outbid? Is your real estate offer too big, too small or just right? Read on for 6 tips for landing the house you love. Plus, download our free offer cover letter!...

First Time Home Buying

2018 List of 45 MA & RI First Time Home Buyer Programs

A hearty list of free resources and first time home buyer programs available for those purchasing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island....

Home Buying

What's in a Mortgage Payment Formula, Really?

We're taking it back old school and breaking down behind the scenes mortgage payment formula math. Plus, access to a free debt-to-income...

Loan Officer

Deb Jordan of Shamrock Home Loans Chosen as RACM Affiliate of the Year

Shamrock Financial is proud to announce that Deb Jordan has won RACM's...

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Facebook Ads - Harness the Power

How can you reach more people with the desire and resources to do business with you?...

First Time Home Buying

Wrong Ways to Get Your Credit Score for Mortgage Lenders

That 'free credit report' may not accurately reflect your credit score. Learn everything you need to know about avoiding...

First Time Home Buying

Say Goodbye! How to Get Rid of PMI

Want to learn how to get rid of PMI? Shamrock Home Loans is here to help with just a few simple solutions to put your private mortgage insurance in the past!...

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