The Way to Find Longevity

Written By David Bremer

11 years ago I was one half of a mortgage team at Prospect Mortgage.  My business partner Keith and I were looking for greener pastures.  We had burned the vast majority of our relationships with missed commitments and delayed closing dates and it was quite obvious that it wasn’t going to get better at our current lender.

We interviewed with no fewer than 8 other lenders and believe me when I tell you, as brown as the grass was at Prospect, it was worse at these other places, and that was after their reps painted their best possible picture.

I was about to give up when Kathleen, a Realtor friend of ours, recommended that we go talk to Shamrock.  Keith pretty much dragged me, kicking and screaming, down to Shamrock Financial, this little lender I had never heard of before. While well known in RI, the same couldn’t be said for Central-Mass at the time.

So, 11 years ago today we walked through Shamrock’s doors for the first time. We were supposed to spend 10-15 minutes with the head of Underwriting, Rod the President  and Dean the Owner and after all the horrible interviews we had recently been on, I wasn’t planning on spending much more time than that.

We ended up spending about an hour each with each of them.  To say those 3 hours were life changing would be an understatement.  At the end of the 3 hours we walked into Liz Letourneau’s office where she helped us change over our NMLS and join Shamrock.

The decision was REALLY that easy and I have been thankful for that decision every day since.  Shamrock is HOME! I’m incredibly grateful for Kathleen and for my business partner at the time, Keith.  Without them, I likely wouldn’t have found Shamrock.

In our industry recently, we are seeing many Loan Officers change companies for what they may perceive to be greener pastures.  Most, if not all, of those that have left their companies had not been there long.  Maybe they weren’t the right fit, maybe they simply got taken in by the next shiny object, maybe they are like so many in the world now that change jobs every year or two.  Who knows? 

What I do know is that where they went won’t be the home that Shamrock is.

It is incredibly unusual, and therefore just as equally impressive, in this era, for a company in any industry to keep employees long term.  That is even more true for mortgage lending.

While building the next generation of mortgage professionals at Shamrock means we have brought in a lot of younger people that are new to the industry, we have an extraordinary number of long term employees.  Dean, Rod, Liz and myself are all still here. In fact, over 29% of our staff has been here over five years and 14% of our staff has been here over ten years!

There is a reason we stay here. To find out more about that reason, email us at

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