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About Advertising Your Real Estate Listings 

To be successful in the business of real estate, one of the critical components is to make your name – and your listings – highly visible. After all, how can you sell properties if there is no one you can sell them to?

A traditional marketing strategy could have meant grocery store flyers, newspaper ads, and even your smiling face on a bus billboard. And while these strategies did work back in the day, the advent of social media requires a radically different approach.

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing 

The difference in real estate marketing strategies can be divided into two methods – outbound marketing and inbound marketing.

  • Outbound marketing: You know those newspaper ads, grocery store flyers, and billboards? That’s outbound marketing. It means that you place your ads in appropriate places and hope that clients want to contact you. The problem with this is that it can act as an interruption in people’s lives; they didn’t intentionally seek you out or want information from you.
  • Inbound marketing: As expected, this method aims to get people to come to you. But doesn’t outbound do that? In a sense, yes. But outbound marketing means that you make the first step, while in inbound marketing, the potential client is intentionally looking for you. And the best way to do inbound marketing? With Facebook ads.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

What do Facebook ads do? How can they help you attract clients? Well, just think – according to a study by Mediakix, a person uses Facebook, on average, about 35 minutes a day.  For real estate agents, Facebook ads have a typical conversion rate of over 9%. If you can harness even a bit of that browsing time, just think what you can do for your business.

Real Estate Facebook Ads for Beginners

When creating your real estate Facebook ads, you need to remember this: no one is necessarily looking for your particular page. That means you need to create ads that both stand out and have the content that draws people in and makes them want to return. But first: the basics. You need a Facebook business page.

This page is one-stop shopping for people searching for what you have to offer. While Facebook provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your page, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Description and basic details: Users need to know how to get hold of you. Provide telephone numbers, cell numbers, email address, a clear and simple Facebook URL. Don’t try to be witty or funny – just be clear.
  • Profile and cover photos: These are the first visual glimpses into you and your business. Make the photos relevant and of good quality. Adding a picture of yourself makes you seem real instead of just an entity.
  • Call-to-action: This encourages users to contact you and takes advantage of inbound marketing theory. You can ask users to send a message, contact you, ask a question – whatever you want.
  • Content and updates: You need to get users to come to your page – and return. That means content. Sure, listings are good, but you want to show yourself as a source of data. Create simple articles about how to show a home, how to save for a down payment, what they need to know about moving – anything that a user may want to know about buying or selling a home.
  • Ad copy: Yes, you do need to show listings. When writing your real estate Facebook ads, be direct and quick. Give the client exactly what they want to know so that they don’t have to search. This can include details such as price, location, square footage, location, and so on.

The Next Level – Enhancing Your Real Estate Facebook Ads

  1. So you have your Facebook page up and running. But now it’s time to take your real estate Facebook ads to the next level. Here is what you can do to attract and capture your audience:
    1. Target your audience: Sure, you need to attract an audience. But you also need to attract the right audience. Why offer house listings and advice to students, or suggest a starter home to a family? Facebook lets you tailor your ads to a specific audience. Specifically, you can target your content, ads, and information based on zip code, age range, income, home ownership status, and even audiences who are similar to your intended audience.
    2. Use Facebook carousel ads: This ad format is a great solution when you want to show either multiple properties or multiple rooms at one location. It lets users scroll through a series of images and associated text. You can highlight specific features to make each property shine.
    3. Add videos: If a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is a video worth? This medium gives a more realistic impression of the house itself, the rooms, and the layout. If you are in the video, it is a great time to make the important first impression. Drone videos can give a unique aerial view. Use Facebook Ad Manager to upload your video.

Social Media as Part of a Complete Marketing Strategy

When it comes to growing your business, social media is the emerging giant. It has a greater reach than ever before and the ability for potential clients to come to you. The need for this inbound marketing strategy cannot be understated. But don’t forget your traditional outbound techniques either. No matter the age, demographic, location, or price point of your clients, combining these two techniques can only mean success in this new era of real estate Facebook ads.

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