December 6, 2016

What’s the Deal with Chattel Property?

The Art of Negotiation In real estate, most everything is negotiable – to an extent. If you have ever bought or sold a home, then you now that sentiment certainly applies to the price of the home. Regardless if you are a buyer or seller, you want to get the…
December 1, 2016

About the Credit Score Needed for a Mortgage

So You Wanna Get a Mortgage When buying a house is on your horizon, at some point along the way you will need to take a look at your finances. If you are like many Americans, you may take a second look at the credit score needed for a mortgage.…
November 29, 2016

Why It’s the Safest Time to Buy a House

To Buy or Not to Buy When you are first starting out, renting is generally a great way to go. You get to find an affordable place to live at a reasonably convenient location, but without needing a down payment or worrying about maintenance or renovations. But given the lack…
November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Recipes You’ll Love!

Thanksgiving is not only about giving thanks for the blessings you have been given this year, but also about gathering around the table and enjoying a delicious meal with loved ones. Our Shamrock family has a few Thanksgiving recipes that we want to share with you with the hope that…
November 9, 2016

Are You Working with the Best Mortgage Company?

When someone is looking to buy or sell a home, they may start the transaction on their own, but in most cases, they will contact a real estate agent. A qualified agent will know how to price a home accordingly, find comparable listings, suggest ways to improve the curb appeal…
October 19, 2016

Who’s Running the Real Estate Market Now? Buyers or Sellers?

Is There a Horse in Your Garage? Imagine driving along on a quiet neighborhood road at 25 mph and then finding yourself instantly traveling 55 mph? Talk about the potential for unexpected turbulence and danger. Well that’s essentially what’s happened in today’s real estate market. Almost overnight we have seen…
October 19, 2016

6 Terrifying Reasons Why You Should Own a Home Rather Than Rent

After years of renting, buying a home can be a frightful proposition; aside from the price of the house itself, there are closing costs, title fees, moving expenses, and more. After calculating these costs, you may be terrified so much that you prefer to continue renting! But there are many…
October 19, 2016

New FHA Guideline Changes May Help You Buy a Home

Having a stable job and owning a home: they’re both parts of the American Dream. However, today’s reality is that many people have lost their jobs or have been reduced to part-time work. This situation can have a devastating impact on anyone’s financial situation, especially those who would love to…
October 6, 2016

How Much Will I Save By Refinancing?

The Price of Refinancing When you want to take advantage of lower interest rates, change the type of mortgage you have, or access equity on your home, you may ask yourself, “How much will I save by refinancing?“. Refinancing involves getting a new loan, with different terms, to replace your…
October 4, 2016

The Best Ways for Refinancing a Home

Thinking about Refinancing? Whether it is saving money, paying off your mortgage earlier, or accessing equity, there are many reasons why you would want to refinance. Simply, refinancing is obtaining a new mortgage with new terms that will enhance your financial situation. If you understand how refinancing works and what…
June 6, 2013
couple with boxes over their heads

Moving Tips to Avoid Common Moving Company Scams

Rogue movers typically work like this: Without ever visiting your home or seeing the goods that you would like moved, they give a low-ball estimate over the phone or the web. Once your goods are on their truck, they demand more money before they’ll deliver or unload them.They hold your…
April 25, 2013
end out of pocket costs for buying a home

End Out of Pocket Costs For Buying a Home

End Out of Pocket Costs For Buying a Home Guest Blog Post by Brian Whitten NMLS#383068 & Chris Whitten, Broker/Owner Buying a home is a wonderful time – finding that special place that you will call “home”. But don’t let your emotions get the better of you; buying a home…
February 21, 2013

VA Loans for Military Personnel-How You Can Benefit

Guest blog post by David Bremer, Branch Manager for Shamrock Financial (NMLS# 22633)
December 4, 2012
nmls consumer

Is Your Loan Officer Licensed? Your Guide to NMLS Consumer Access

When you are interested in selling or purchasing a home, you try to do all of your homework – prepare your house or view listings, find your target price range, know what you can afford. Part of doing your homework, especially when requiring a loan, as most will need, is…
October 4, 2012

FHA 203k Loans: For Homes That Need a Little “Home” Work

You had always noticed that cute house a few blocks away. For some time, the owners maintained the property, but over the last while, you saw that it gradually wasn’t being kept up. The roof needed work, the windows needed to be replaced, and the garage had seen better days.…
September 13, 2012

What’s the deal with home ownership after bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale?

You tried everything to avoid it and hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it still did – bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale. A bankruptcy occurs when you cannot pay your debts to your lenders, including mortgage lenders. A foreclosure occurs when your mortgage lender assumes ownership of, and attempts to sell,…
September 6, 2012

The Importance of Homeowners Insurance: Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute to Buy

Buying your home is the largest purchase you will probably ever make. When you were looking for it, you were cautious – knowing what you wanted, looking at multiple properties, getting a home inspector to make sure there weren’t any major problems. Part of the costs of purchasing a home…
August 30, 2012

Home Ownership Made Easy: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is an exciting time, but one that can be burdened with pitfalls. You need to avoid those pitfalls that can cause your excitement to wane. Here is a list of common mistakes that many new homeowners make, and what you can do to avoid them for home…
November 17, 2010

The Five Habits of Highly Successful Home Buyers

by Dean Harrington The Housing Affordability Index recently hit an all-time high of 179. This means that the average person has 180% of the necessary income to afford a home. This is a remarkable statistic. Consider that in 2007 the average person in the United States needed to earn $52,000…
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