Maybe There’s an Answer to the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has thrown our country into a state of emotional disruption. Perhaps today is not the day to justify or condemn the actions of elected officials, businesses, the media, or anyone else. Instead, maybe there’s a bigger story here. Maybe there’s a maybe lesson to be shared or considered. (Maybe I am going to do that right now!)  So, let’s go:

Maybe the virus…

  • Took away wakes and funerals so we would honor and value people BEFORE they died.

  • Closed restaurants so families would eat in a kitchen and not in a booth.

  • Replaced tires and gasoline with feet and breath.

  • Masked us so we could see how vital smiling is to our souls.

  • Closed gyms to make us eat healthier.

  • Grew our hair long so we’d be forced to like who we see in the mirror and not what we see – and, of course, to honor those who grew up in the sixties!

  • Created “Groundhog Day” to stop us from favoring one day over another. (Each is a blessing.) 

  • Taught us that board games produce more laughter than video games.  

  • Removed air travel so we could learn to vacation in our own zip code.

  • Showed us that adults created organized sports and that maybe kids just want playtime.

  • Closed hotels to give restoration to housekeepers.

  • Put us in lines to teach us patience.

  • Closed offices to show that work/life balance can be reached.

  • Stopped schools to give parents more time to enjoy their kids before they grow up and leave.

  • Closed stores and malls to wound consumerism and materialism.

  • Showed us that our voice is better than our keyboard.

  • Closed church buildings so church people could grow and thrive in larger online audiences.

  • Slowed us down so we would see more and hurt less.

  • Replaced packaged food with locally grown food.

  • Shutdown sports to diminish the idolatry of athletes.

  • Took esteem from our office and replaced it with esteem from our neighbor.

Maybe you have a few maybes; a few things that will leave your perspective forever changed.


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