"How Have You Changed Because You Work at Shamrock?" Part 1

In September 2020 Shamrock CEO Dean Harrington put a call out within the company to answer one simple question How have you changed because you work at Shamrock?”  

Kelsey Lewin's Story

It was a bit of a pleasant surprise to get asked to write something you’ve already been trying to put into words for well over a year. I’m resigned to a stream of consciousness that I hope captures how genuinely I have truly felt about my experience with Shamrock for the last 4 years.

Where to even begin...

I couldn’t call in a food order. Let that sink for in a minute. I struggled making the easiest phone call a person could possibly make. “Hi, can I place an order for delivery?” – give them your address, say what you want and you’re done. Nothing complicated, no crazy sale you’re trying to make. Hell, I’ve watched children do it with total ease. And yet, here I was, 20+ years old and so anxious about a phone call that I literally had to write down a script for myself.

Hi can I place an order for delivery?” Give them your address. One large cheese pizza. Every single thing down all the way to the “thank you” written out for me to read off of the back of an envelope from the junk mail I always let linger too long on my kitchen table. And if they asked me a question off script that I wasn’t expecting like, “we don’t have ranch, what other salad dressing do you like?” it resulted in stuttering and the kind of conversation you cringe thinking about at 2 am when you can’t sleep followed by every awkward moment you’ve ever had playing through your brain in excruciating detail.

That was just who I was and who I was resigned to be for the rest of my life. I used to walk around the grocery store working up the courage to place a deli order. Talk about social anxiety. Anyone who knows me now would struggle believing any part of that is true. While I learned to fake it a bit and push myself out of my comfort zone, I didn’t find any sort of confidence in it until after landing at Shamrock.

I knew I needed to push myself if I ever wanted to grow, but Shamrock gave me a safe place to do it. I have days now where I make 80+ phone calls. And it’s easy and I genuinely love it. It is solely because I have people here that believe in my abilities, believe in all their employees potential, and push them to be the best versions of themselves.

It sounds so obvious, and what you might say to give the people signing your checks lip service, but Shamrock has not only encouraged me, consistently, through various stages of my career here, but they have provided a safe place to fail. And that’s significant, and it is rare. It’s one thing for a company to say “I know you have talent, I know you can be a success.” It’s a whole other ball game for that company to give you the tools to do it and the room to fail and grow while you find your footing.

Shamrock has believed in and supported me, and continues to do so in a way I have never experienced in my professional and educational career. Anyone can say, “Hey we have a heart for people - for our employees”, but Shamrock shows it every single day and through their actions.

Let me try and wrap it up with an example of what I mean. A few months after I started at Shamrock, Rod – the President of Shamrock, off handedly asked me how I was liking things and how everything was going. Right off the bat (pun intended), Rod makes you feel super comfortable so you find yourself saying things you’d normally keep to yourself in any other working situation. He seems genuine, so my answer was genuine, and I remember saying that things were great but coming from an entirely different industry, I felt like I was at a disadvantage missing some of the foundation knowledge of mortgages.

Rod, *THE PRESIDENT OF SHAMROCK* , implemented an open class to all a week later; two days a week – just teaching the basics of mortgages. Dean, *THE CEO OF SHAMROCK* also started hosting scripting classes; how to handle objections, how to listen to what clients are really asking among others. They took time out of their schedules to pass on their knowledge and strengths based on one employee’s off-handed comment, to better their staff and show their support and I will never, ever forget it. That is who they are. Who Shamrock is.

Everyone here feels safe and encouraged to push themselves out their comfort zones, to give it 110%, to teach what they know and learn what they don’t. That is because of Shamrock, because of the leadership, and because of the culture.

I am so grateful for it – as are all of my local pizza joints.



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