I Loved The Process So Much I Wanted To Become A Part Of It

“I’m sorry, can you explain escrow to me one more time?” I asked at just sixteen-years-old. My parents relocated to the United States in hopes of giving their children a chance at a brighter future. My older sister and I were very young when we started our careers as translators for my parents; translating doctor’s appointments, tax return documents and conversing with mortgage companies at just 10 years old.

After becoming a proud East Providence High School and CCRI graduate, I found myself working at a local bank. It was there that I saw one of my coworkers jumping up and down celebrating her pre-approval. She was around the same age, still living at home and was in the same position at the bank. Every day she would come to work and tell me about her home buying process. It felt like I was binge watching a Netflix series, because the next thing I knew, she was going to her closing right before my eyes and her process was done.

This sparked a fire in me and I said, “If she can do it, I can do it” and that is exactly what I did. After being referred to Shamrock, I went through my own process, closing just four months after receiving my own pre-approval.

The process was such smooth sailing and so positive that I knew this was the place I wanted to build my career. With fingers crossed, I applied to Shamrock just a few months after closing with them. Coming from the banking industry, I knew that a lot of lenders required years of experience before they even let you put your foot in the door. I’m not sure if I was more excited getting the “clear to close” call or the “you got the job” call.

Three years later, everyone here at Shamrock has given me extensive knowledge of the mortgage process. What a far cry from trying to understand what escrow was at just sixteen years old.

The best part? I get to lead people on the same journey I took after I saw my coworker’s excitement. Our CEO, Dean, preaches the importance of storytelling. “They don’t want to hear a sales pitch. We are talking to humans, who come into this process scared and with their guards up.” My heart lights up when I tell my story to a client and their sigh of relief on the other end when I tell them “I did it, and you can too.”

Kelly Silveira has worked for Shamrock since September 2017. She was honored at the 2020 Shammy Employee Awards with an award for her Heart For People.



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"Today is My wife’s wedding anniversary and in honor of how lucky she got in marriage I will be cascading her with my lavish sense of humor, my excellent taste in restaurants and, of course, my wandering hands. I predict success with only one of these so once I’m back from dinner I’ll be reading and replying to email."

Orignally posted September 17, 2019






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