How I Won on Election Day

I’ve yet to receive one congratulatory phone call, text or email since I won on Election Night. This doesn’t surprise me or even leave me disappointed. No, not one bit. You see, I wasn’t actually on the ballot. Still, I won. In fact, I won in a landslide, it wasn’t even close.

While many around the country woke up with an Election Day hangover on Wednesday, I got up and dutifully walked my dog, checked NBA box scores and savored my big victory.

Truth is, no matter who won or who lost, I still woke up where I was the day before, the week before, the month before, even the decade before: in the top-1% of the world’s population in every conceivable measurement: income, health, education, mobility, freedom and, of course, opportunity. Nothing changed that on Tuesday night, no matter how hard the news media tried to tell us otherwise.


There isn’t a single election outcome that will stop me from loving my wife and kids today; none that will make it less likely I eat too much, speak too freely or travel too far. None will turn me from car to horse, bedroom to cave, literate to illiterate, healthy to unhealthy.

No politician can make me smile more than a sunrise or feel gratitude more than a hug from my 12-year old.  Not the worst of Tuesday’s winners can make me feel less joy over an “aha” moment at work, a great line in a book, a praise song at church or a huge 3rd down conversion from the team in Foxboro.

I give no bureaucrat the right to steal the joy I feel for any part of my blessed life. You shouldn’t either, because guess what: if you live in this country, in this period in time, you, too, are in that top 1%.

Sadly, we continue to hear the future is going to be terrible, this congressman or that senator, governor, mayor or councilman is going to make our lives awful! 

Really? You live in the top 1% of the world and someone is going to, what, move your standard of living to the top 1.2% of the world?  Quite a feat if they could pull it off. They can’t. Just be where you are, when you are and appreciate it. Let no one steal it.

Finally, think about how empty our moaning and groaning must sound to the other 99% of the world. Yikes. What we must sound like railing on about how powerless we are to live in such comparative luxury, just because someone we don’t know and have never met entered office or was removed from office. I don’t ever want to be “that guy”. Do you?

So, whether I tally the votes or my blessings, I really did win on Election Day. I hope you did too.

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