Family First: Ashley Messina's Story

“What time will mommy be home?”

“Not until late tonight.”

It was another weekend working in retail management, working all afternoon and night on Saturday and then getting up early to open the store on Sunday. This was all Ashley Messina knew for 15 years.

“It felt like I was never home,” recalled Ashley. “My husband Mike hated my job.”

After having her second child, she knew it was time to make a career move and she started searching for jobs during her maternity leave. Something grabbed her attention on LinkedIn; a marketing assistant position at Shamrock Home Loans.

“My first interview was with Dean, and it was super casual, just having a conversation. We talked about my experience, and he quickly identified I was overqualified for the role. Instead of cutting it off there, we started to talk about other positions in the company and when he explained what Loan Officers do, it really piqued my interest.

Dean was really adamant that we take the process slow and make sure this was the right decision for my family. I would be leaving a management job with 15 years of tenure to do something completely different and start from the bottom. He was transparent about the risk I would be taking. He was also focused on making sure I was the right fit for the sales team.”

After initially applying in October, it was now December and Ashley shadowed two Loan Officers to see what a day in the life was like. What was the moment that sold her on the career move?

“I was really afraid that being a Loan Officer would be too much like a desk job. I thrived on the sense of urgency you find in retail. When I was shadowing Liz Letourneau the day just flew by.

But what sold me was when something came up in one of her files, she just got up and walked right into the Processing Manager’s office and then the President’s. It was a true testament to Shamrock’s uniques. You won’t find that anywhere else.”

Ashley officially started her new career in February 2020 just in time to be caught in the middle of a pandemic. Luckily, Shamrock was ready. As a technology leader, they had already gone paperless in 2018. The staff quickly plugged in at home and closed a record number of loans in April 2020.

Once state guidelines allowed staff members to come back into the office, Shamrock created an Employee Assistance Program to assist parents with distance learning.

“The culture is so geared towards family that I know, even if we didn’t have the EAP, no one would be irritated if I had to bring my daughter into the office with me. The values are a huge reason I came here.”

By October 2020, just one year after interviewing and switching industries, Ashley closed 23 loans totaling over 6 million!

“I have much more control over my pace, which is huge for having a family. I can leave here and pick up my kids if I need to and still answer emails. You're more accessible to the family unit, versus retail where you are essentially trapped at the store, unable to leave.

My husband and children are much happier with my job now. I’ve also been able to create stronger connections with the parents of my son’s friends because people are curious to know what is going on in the housing market. You become a source of knowledge.”

For over 32 years, Shamrock has thrived on bringing people in from outside the industry and building the next generation of mortgage leaders by creating home grown staff from operations to sales and beyond. Who do you know that needs a fresh start in their career? Apply today!

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