5 Ways To Stay With Your New Year’s Resolutions


New Years is upon us and before you go into the ring to fight out your annual resolutions, let’s explore five hidden gems that will help you STAY with your commitments well beyond the 3rd week of January. Think of these as your wardrobe for setting and achieving better resolutions in 2022.

  1. Stay in the Day. Emotional instability, poor decision-making, procrastination and anxiety are all birthed in two places: 1) Yesterday, in the form of regret and 2) Tomorrow, in the form of fear. Successful people live within their circle of control, which is not the past, nor the future, it’s right now, this minute, this second. 
  2. Stay Informed. The antidote to panic is learning. When chaos hits (and it will), the best of the best lean in and study, study, study. They absorb all the information that can be taught about whatever situation they are facing. “Just put your head down…” was probably first meant as a command to study.
  3.  Stay in Your Strengths. Everyone has gifting, things they are uniquely good at. Spend 80%+ of your time in those areas. Do not take the worlds insistence that you fix your weaknesses. Nonsense. Waste of time. If you’re weak at something, find someone else that’s strong in that area and let them handle it. 
  4. Stay Ahead. You cannot accomplish any new goal as the person you are when the goal is set. You need to become someone new. How? Educate, Motivate, Elevate. Read, read, read, podcasts, mentors, classes. Whatever it takes to LEARN. Be self-taught. DAILY. #JustDoIt.
  5. Stay Positive. Sounds so obvious but so few master this. You cannot stay positive spending time with negative people. You don’t make friends, you choose friends.  Break up with negative influences. Your ability to remain positive is directly proportional to your ability to remain productive.

Get these five right and you can lose the weight, improve your relationship, have more money and even enjoy the life you are so blessed to live for yet another turn around the sun.


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Orignally posted February 26, 2019






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