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"How Have You Changed Because You Work at Shamrock?" Part 1

Client Success Manager Kelsey Lewin shares how working at Shamrock has changed her life....


Three Ways to Lead Well

Shamrock CEO Dean Harrington gives three easy ways for you to create authentic, meaningful relationships with the people you lead....

Dean's Desk

Who Are You Leading?

Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Home Loans, talks about the first step in leading people and building the next generation of mortgage leaders....

Dean's Desk

The Year of Renting Dangerously

Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Home Loans, talks about the year he had three landlords and no cable TV. In other words, the year he decided to retire as a tenant....

Home Buying

Could You Take a Mortgage But End Up With TWO?

Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Home Loans, the country’s #5 best mortgage company, explains the threat of cybersecurity to homeowners and homebuyers....

Home Buying

Who Says It’s a Bad Time to Buy a House?

There are more voices you should ignore than ones you should listen to when considering the Real Estate market. Here’s how to separate them....


People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy WHY You Do It

How the core purpose of Shamrock Home Loans came to life. What’s behind a mission statement....

Home Buying

How Smart People Handle Interest Rate Increases

With mortgage interest rates rising, Shamrock Home Loan CEO, Dean Harrington provides a tip on how to feel ‘less’ pain....

Loan Officer

Heart of a Salesman

Shamrock Home Loans CEO Dean Harrington’s first lesson in business. A story about the wisdom of Dean’s father....

Home Buying

“There Are Just No Houses Out There.”

Housing inventory levels are very low. For more reasons than are discussed. Here’s the inside scoop....

Home Buying

“Why Am I Hearing About This at the Last Minute?!”

Real Estate agents and borrowers hate last minute changes and denials. Not as much as lenders do. Here’s why....

First Time Home Buying

The Worst Advice Ever Given to Home Buyers

What sounds smart but isn’t when it comes to buying a home....

Dean's Desk

Maybe There’s an Answer to the Coronavirus

Things the coronavirus didn’t count on…....


The stages of your career, the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s

What to expect at work as you enter your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Your 20’s are made for finding this...


The Lesson You Need to Learn in Your 20’s

Back in the late 19thcentury when I was in my 20’s I learned a valuable lesson. A lesson...

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