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Loan Officer

The Way to Find Longevity

It is incredibly unusual, and therefore just as equally impressive, in this era, for a company in a...

Dean's Desk

Why Should I Do Business with Shamrock Home Loans?

Shamrock Home Loans CEO Dean Harrington explains how to pick a mortgage company and why Shamrock is...

Dean's Desk

5 Ways To Stay With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Shamrock Home Loans CEO Dean Harrington shares the 5 most important things that have helped him STA...


You Don’t Have To Pay For Christmas This Year

Shamrock Home Loans CEO, Dean Harrington, reveals a little-known tactic on how your mortgage can he...

Home Buying

The Housing Question Nobody Asks

Shamrock CEO Dean Harrington, a veteran of nearly four decades in the home lending world suggests a...


How Dean Recruited Me

Next generation leader, Justin Iacovone, tells an incredible story of how he came to work at Shamro...

Dean's Desk

Take the Call

Shamrock CEO Dean Harrington tells a personal story about the person that taught him to just “tak...

Loan Officer

Family First: Ashley Messina's Story

For over 32 years, Shamrock has thrived on bringing people in from outside the industry and buildin...


How To Live Forever

Shamrock Home Loans CEO Dean Harrington explains how building the next generation of leaders extend...

Your house has a tax refund for you

The government just cut a tax and Shamrock Home Loan’s CEO Dean Harrington tells you how to colle...


"How Have You Changed Because You Work at Shamrock?" Part 5

"Shamrock didn’t just change me, it is still changing me." Senior Accountant Jenna Stringfellow a...

First Time Home Buying

Patience Pays Off: Josh and Megan's Story

This is the story of a young couple that graduated from living with in-laws to owning a home they l...

Loan Officer

I Loved The Process So Much I Wanted To Become A Part Of It

Kelly Silveira went from client to coworker. Here's her story....

First Time Home Buying

The Biggest Whiff When People Go Out To Look For a Home

What’s the one thing you can’t forget when getting ready to shop for a home? Shamrock Home Loan...

Loan Officer

If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em!

Executive Vice President and former business owner, Bruce Weltin, details why he gave up his own co...

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