Shamrock Financial – One of the Best Mortgage Lenders

Shamrock Financial – One of the Best Mortgage Lenders

best mortgage lenders

Choosing One of the Best Mortgage Lenders

If you have ever bought a home or are in the process of doing so, you know that you have a lot of boxes to check on your task list. You need to save up for that down payment, find the right real estate agent, and of course, you need to borrow money for the purchase.

But how do you know which mortgage lender to choose? You see advertisements everywhere, yelling out that they are the best! They throw out enough numbers and legal jargon to make your head spin. And to top it all off, do you use your bank or a mortgage lender. And what is the difference anyway?

best mortgage lenders

Both types of financial businesses are important to individuals and other businesses alike, but there is one huge difference. Yes, banks do offer mortgages. They may also offer bank accounts, credit cards, mutual funds, safety deposit boxes, financial management…and so on. We need these types of services. But when it comes to buying a home, don’t you want a business who deals with mortgages and only mortgages? A business who knows the ins and outs of buying a home and excels in client service? If so, then you want to use a mortgage lender. One type of product, done well.

Say Hello to Shamrock Financial!

One of the best mortgage lenders around is Shamrock Financial. Established in 1989, we know a thing or two about mortgages – because that’s all we do! To make sure that we provide the best and most comprehensive service possible, we hire only the best professionals who are trained in mortgages and are passionate about it. Even more, we are just like our clients – home owners. As one of the best mortgage lenders around, we want to see our communities thrive, businesses flourish, and help create happy people and families.

What Do We Offer?

Yes, we offer only mortgages. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that our clients have different needs, wants, and financial goals, and as such, we strive to provide a variety of mortgage products to match every unique situation.

For example, we can help you whether you are buying:

  • Your very first homebest mortgage lenders
  • A second home
  • Vacation property
  • Investment property
  • Commercial dwelling

How can we help you achieve all of this? Through our various types of mortgages: These include:

  • Conventional home loans
  • FHA loans when you need a little help in buying a home.
  • FHA 203k loans to help you buy and renovate eligible homes.
  • Reverse mortgages to access equity in your home.
  • RI housing loans and their available programs and grants, such as the Ocean Grad Grant.
  • USDA loans when you want to purchase a home in a rural area.
  • VA loans to help our veterans find the right property.

Not only that, we can help you with refinancing your home, either through conventional means, using HARP, or Streamline financing. We can help make your dreams come true.

Our Resources

Question: How can you make the best decision for the largest financial purchase you will ever make? Through knowledge and education. Therefore, as one of the best mortgage lenders available, we make sure you have the resources at hand to make an informed decision. How do we do this? Through:

  • First and foremost – our employees. Knowledgeable, experienced, and trained staff will assist you in reviewing your finances, discussing your goals, suggesting methods to achieve them, and explain, in detail, the loans and programs that are right for you.
  • Our web site: Take a look through our web site that is chock full of information. For example, use our mortgage calculator to see what you can afford, sift through our extensive blog for posts, read our eBooks about credit, buying a home – for free!, and use our contact page to request more information or schedule a meeting.
  • Use our free app to communicate with your real estate agent and loan officer anytime, anywhere.

Shamrock Makes the Difference

When you want a mortgage, Shamrock Financial is the business for you. Our laser focus on home ownership, combined with our enthusiasm and community spirit, means you will get stellar service every time. Come in and talk with us to see why we make the difference.

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