Dean Harrington

December 11, 2019

The Stages of Your Career, the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s

What to expect at work as you enter your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
October 17, 2019

The Lesson You Need to Learn in Your 20’s

Whether you’re in your 20’s or happen to be raising or managing a 20-something, Shamrock Home Loans CEO, Dean Harrington shares a life-changing lesson.
September 19, 2019

Why Working for a Christian Business Owner May Be Your Best Career Move

A candid conversation on why working for a Christian CEO is great even if you aren't a Christian.
August 19, 2019

How To Be The Leader When You’re Not the Boss

Two simple things you need to know so you can start leading in your career TODAY.
July 19, 2019

Thoughts on Turning 30

Dean Harrington, Founder and CEO, shares his thoughts on Shamrock turning 30.
June 17, 2019
A family holds up keys to their new home.

It’s National Homeownership Month!

June is a cool month, this video shows you just how cool.
April 2, 2019

How to Answer the Most Important Question in Business

This 1 minute read will help you learn to identify the 3 reasons why people should do business with you.
March 22, 2019

What’s Behind a Name?

A Leprechaun, March 17th and the Luck ‘O the Irish had little to do with the naming of Shamrock Home Loans. Here’s the real story.
December 14, 2018

The Greatest Communication Tool You’re Not Using

Fire your voice mail message. Today! I’m pretty sure most of the human population thinks the rest of the human population has the IQ of a sparrow. And I can prove it. Just call someone (anyone!) and get their voice mail.  What you’ll hear is a prerecorded message that assumes…
November 19, 2018

The Phrase You Need to Ban

The president of Shamrock Home Loans is a guy named Rod Correia. Rod’s known for quite a few interesting things in his life: he was a major league baseball player, (three-hit game against Randy Johnson, played in the game where Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak) he’s a…
November 12, 2018

How I Won on Election Day

I’ve yet to receive one congratulatory phone call, text or email since I won on Election Night. This doesn’t surprise me or even leave me disappointed. No, not one bit. You see, I wasn’t actually on the ballot. Still, I won. In fact, I won in a landslide, it wasn’t…
October 31, 2018

A Lesson from Chris Sale

BY: Dean Harrington In the 7th inning of game four of the World Series, baseball’s best offensive team found itself starved for runs. The vaunted Red Sox attack had scored a mere three runs in its previous 25 innings, managing just a single hit in the first 6 innings of…